right of Sister on Parental Property

I Chandu Sharma would like to clear my query regarding property issue. Personal Information Name – Chandu Damodar Sharma Address – Beed Age – 33 Years Family Background Father ( Age 67 years ) Mother ( Age 65 years ) * Elder Sister ( Married – Age 40 years ) Spouse ( Age – 31 years ) Property Details Plot Area – 1500 Sq Feet Built up Area – 750 Sq Feet My Query is as below : Sir in year 2003 I purchase plot by name of my mother & constructed bunglow on her name only. Now I have come to know that while selling propery, Sisters Signature is required so in my case all the investment is done by myself but the bunglow is in name of my mother. My mother is fit & fine by God’s grace but I want to secure my investment of my life time. If in any contingency, I want to reside forever in my place would there be any problem from my Sister’s side during selling of bunglow. Can Will of my mother will be considered. Please advice me in this regard. Thanking you,