Wife harrasment

From last 8 months my wife not see my parents not even talking with my parents and my family members. My father age 68 is bed ridden patient, my mother is also old, they want my need and service. My wife and there family wants me to separate with my parents. As she feels dirty and infection with my parents. But I am cleaning and maintaining hygiene in home. But my wife and her family harrassing me from last 4 to 5 months. She didn't listen my words. She do what she like, if I oppose, she is saying my father given dowry, so she do what she like, we didn't demanded for dowry, her father given as his wish. Almost 7 yrs passed my marriage, we had 2 children. Last day she quarrel with me, and she left home with 2 children after I left for office. My mother called me that your wife is going with 2 children. After that I searched in railway station, bus stand and surrounding but I didn't found her. I had given missing case against my wife and children in local police station. Note: I enquired with other relatives, they told that you wife is at her father's house. But when SI of my local police station called her father and brother, they are saying my daughter and my sister didn't came here. My wife's father's home is at Vishakhapatnam. My father in law, and Sister in law are main culprit. They miss guide my wife. My wife is also not good. She also obeying them. What action further I take action. How I became legally strong. How I defend my self.