My inlaws in London not telling me my husbands address

After 2 months of marriage my husband drop me to my parents house saying will come after 10days, after that he start giving me excuse that his parents thrown him out of house ,etc. when I reached there was lock on home and neighbours told me upto yesterday he was here only, and security guard told today morning only ge went some where from and when I call him ,he blocked my number, and his sister and mom from London start calling to neighbours that thrown that girl out. I come back to my parents home and call my mother in law on whatsup call, she demands me 50 lac for let me to live with my husband. I denied then she abuse me and block my number. In oct 2022 my inlaws come india , take valuable things from home, remove my husbands name plate, change name in property paper by giving money to advocate as get to known by neighbours. Now my hysband car is in society parking .As car and both home key was with my husband that means they definitely meet my huband in India and are in contact with my husband. But still not giving information about my husband.Even I gave application to police..on police call also they are doing drama and not giving my husbands location and my husbands phone no is switch off. I dont know where is my husband. my inlaws are on visitor visa at their daughters home. Sister law having british passport. My sister in law get visa as she married in london and after getting visa my inlaws also thrown their son in law out of house, beaten him and living no clue, now he is also helpless. My inlaws put lock on home., not getting my right to live there. Police is not filling my FIR, just taken my application. I report to National women commision also., they send remider to police 2 but still no progress. Police says how we investigate as your inlaws in London. I give many clue to police and request many times to search my husband but not getting any help. My husbands home in Ahmedabad and I am from Indore. Ahmedabad police says go to Indore and file complain from Indore, Indore Police says go to Ahmedabad , we cant do anything from here. As my time is wasting rolling here and there. and now I am getting mentaly depress, no getting any help ... Requesting could any one guide me what to do in this situation. I dont know where is my husband wherher in India or in UK with my inlaws. I am not so financial steong to give huge fees to advocates. Please help me