Ipc 420

I am a fish farmer.I have a fish farm in Jhajjar haryana.A N G O running by satbir,sunil son of satbir and kanchan sharma wife of sunil in my home Village.Satbir and sunil come to my fish farm from last 4year.In January 2022,satbir and sunil tell me that they have two ngo registered in villages,Jeev Daya animal welfare society and Green wood animal welfare society.They also told me that they have a tender of dogs nusbandi,monkey catching, vaccination of stray dogs from municipal corporation gurugram.Tehy also told me that they have many dump vest tender from many companies.sunil and kanchan sharma( sunil wife) called me to meet a person in mcg office sec34 named- Ajay yadav,P A to deputy commissioner of nagar nigam gurugram.ajay yadav told me that all tender of dogs nusbandi monkey catching, vaccination of dogs are passed by me in mcg ggn.I make a payment of one lack(100000) in a bank account, which is given by sunil, kanchan,satbir and Ajay yadav on [deleted].in March 2022 all of member give me a agreement which is between green wood animal welfare society and delightful gurumut pvt LTD gurugram.In March 2022 I am give all of them a amount of 400000 cash payment.They also told me that we pay a sum of 1125000 bil of every month in company against the bil of delightful gurumut pvt ltd.i have rtgs transfer of rupees of 700000 in green wood animal welfare society bank account in march.700000 rupees transfer by RTGS in aprail 2022 to green wood animal welfare society.From aprail to 8 November 2022 I make a payment of 1125000 a huge amount for every month to all of them which some by account transfer and some by cash.in October 2022,I know some where that a maximum bil of delightful gurumut pvt LTD is 600000 per month.Then I asked sunil,satbir, kanchan and Ajay yadav to refund my payment.all of them are refused to give any money to me and stop my vehicle to collect the dump vest from the delightful gurumut pvt ltd on [deleted]. I make many requests for give back my money or dump vest.but no solution provided by sunil and other.please tell me how can I get my money back from them.Which type of complaint file by me