Tenant issues ..

Dear all , I have a shed which I rented to tenant 3 years ago .. they signed the agreement in feb 2020 . All shed , current everything was ready only one toilet outside was not completed. Then covid came. They did not take keys citing no toilet for 7 months and we also had some financial constraints then. Now we asked them to vacate the premises on July 19th 2022. It's been almost 8 months now we ha e politely asked them to vacate. Agreement to vacate was only 3 months. For past 6 months I am keeping my items in another facility paying rent, I had taken msme loan from bank for purchase of machinery which is ready and sitting in coimbatore for 3 months now. These tenants have stopped paying rent since Dec 2022 saying we disturbed their business. They have put 2 big 2 feet by 2 feet holes for some machine vent in the side wall which was of sheet above concrete wall and it has absolutley lost its structure. They are not replacing it and are willing to only paste a peice of sheet over it and when it rains in coming years there will be leakage. We are waiting for them to start our factory from so many months. Now we are asking them either compensation for extra months they stayed as I had to pay double rent outside to keep my belongings and also paying interest in bank without my manufacturing starting or they should pay the 7 months rent that they didn't pay initially citing one toilet as a reason for not taking key. They have vacated without doing repairs and not handing keys and also have approached the local station through some contacts. What can we do. How do we cover our losses. I have payed almost 5-6 lakhs in rent and interest and their advance of 3 lakhs is with me. Kindly help with suggestions ..