Creche in Apartment Clubhouse

I live in a 800+ unit apartment complex with a clubhouse..we have a 1300 soft area dedicated to kids with designed washroom and ambience. Sales agents have informed residents with kids that it will be creche area and sold us the property. However on sale deed this area is just mentioned as kids area. Since offices are opening and mothers need to go to office Some 30 working women here have taken initiative for the creche..the complex is still only 70% sold with 50% occupancy and is under builders control..the builder has offered the space for creche however few residents are opposing..we conducted polls and got 60% existing residents supporting this initiative..the mentioned clubhouse can be permitted for commercial activity in sale deed..however opposition is saying the space belongs to everyone and we want to use for yoga and other activities...please advice as women and children need this ..also our complex is located remote and nearest such day care is 4kms away again not safe for women to travel and pick kids during late hours..How do we deal this...there is no RWA in place now