Sale of Property of Minors Act

Respected Sir, My humble submission is that I am Bijan Jana (Age-67), Father-Ishwar Bhutnath Jana, Village-Kadua (North), Post-Shishusdan, Block-Ramnagar(II), Police Station-Ramnagar, District-Purbamedinipur, Pin-721433. My father died on 01.04.1966(Eng), when father died we (Bijan Jana, Swapan Jana, Laxmipriya Jana (unmarried deceased) were minors, our mother (Iswar Yashoda Jana) got a share of father's property (Dag) to bring us up. No. 2755/4073, J L No-134) sold to neighbor Subrata Maiti for 37.5 decimal: 2500 rupees in 1974 (Deed No-4860 of 1974).Since we were minors at the time of sale, the buyer (Subrata Maiti) took a 2 decimal deed from another part of the father's property (Dag No. 2682 J L No-134) so ​​that if we occupied the defaced land as minors, he would occupy this land. Later, after we told him many times and Subrata Maiti did not agree to return the premises (2682 J L No-134). Further, in 1994 (Dag No. 2755/4073 J L No-134) sold the property to Arun Karan, sold without our consent at the time of sale and mutation and recorded the property as his own on the deed of loss (Dag No. 2682 J L No-134). (Subrata Maiti) before his death, his property was bequeathed to his son Indranil Maiti, including this place (Dag No. 2682 J L No-134). It would be great if you could tell me some way. thanking You Mob-[deleted]