Right\own the share we live in

Am the daughter in law to the youngest son in the family and this being my second marriage and surviving with three kids. We have been staying since marriage in a portion so called alloted to my husband executed by GPA. The property was purchased by my father in law but registered in my mother in laws name. There was no partion deed made. My brother in law(one) and sister in laws(two) have got a sale deed done for their share respectively except ours as my husband was little irresponsible and drunkerd and with an intention that he will not properly utilize his share.. One year after my husband expired my sister in laws sent me a legal notice in my mother in laws name saying i need to vacate the place or pay rent. I replied to that notice. After the reply i have not heard from any of my in laws asking me to vacate. After certain years i came to know that a gift deed was made by my mother in law in favour of my sister in law(Witnessess being my bother in law and nephew) of which we were not aware at all(it was done fraudulenty\coerced) and registered subsequently for the share of my land where i am residing with my kids. My mother in law is in my sister in laws custody as she is very old and taken care by them, taking this opportunity they have got done the gift deed. After my sister in laws realized that i have come to know about the gift deed, certain days later they sent me another legal notice asking me to vacate the house saying it was gifted to my sister in law. I have documents like electricity and water bills paid including installation of the electricity meter and water connection which come in favour of my husband from very beginning and we have occupation of the house since then. I have a GPA copy given by my mother in law in favour of my husband long back. My husband also had made some deeds of building up his share property with some of the builders and subsequently got cancelled due to some reasons. We have submitted all these documents in the court. They have filed a suit saying that we should vacate peacefully and pay mesne profits to which we have denied. Now they want to use my mother in law as their witness that gift deed wasn't made by coersion\fraudulently. What is our state if she gives her statement in there favour as she is in her 90's and bed ridden. So we are confused as to what is our situation and where do we stand and what suits we have to file. CAN ANYBODY GIVE US SOME GOOD ADVISE SO THAT I CAN RETAIN MY PROPERTY where we are staying till date...THANKS..