Pagdi system flats in dombivli

Dear sir. My parents have bought a house in dombivli in a pagdi system building where they have paid 150000. Cash against a receipt and regular rent receipt where provided against the rent every month. It has been more than 28 years we have been living in the house. A couple of years back I had to shift to pune for my office work but we still kept visiting on weekends. But after lockdown when I went I found that my landlord has blocked my complete kitchen ventilation and has also blocked my toilet and bath. For which we couldn't do much except requesting as we didn't wanted to get in trouble with him. And we could not stay there we kept quiet and tried to work out things with him but recently one of our friend from neighbor building informed that the landlord has broken the lock and removed all our house stuff and has put a new lock we where surprised but I still calmly Tried to talk to him and to try things work out between us. But he doesn't wants to talk neither he is giving any court papers or information. I am stressed as my father has expired and I have to look after my mother who is a dementia patient. I don't understand what to do as I get different opinions from friends and relatives. I am blocked. Please suggest