Ask about filling details while applying PCC

I got arrested in 2012 for few hours,charges were 324, 504. (Somebody hit someone near my building and attacker ran away. The person who got hurt went unconscious and admitted in hospital, till then his family members pressurized police to take action as randomly my name was taken. I got arrested for few hours , next day i was taken to the court but after 3 days when the victim got normal condition stated I was NOT the attacker) but as case was registered my name was there in fir book. Usually any case gets solved in few years because of slow system but i was clearly seemed innocent i got acquitted in just 5 months. When I was applying for my passport in 2015 i filled that never got arrested. At the time of police verification police inspector shouted at me that i lied to him. But he got silent when I showed him my acquitted papers, now I am applying for PCC my questions are 1) for normal people and acquitted people IS PCC SAME? 2) will host foreign country embassy will be informed about my previous case? I am concerned with effect on visa approval 3) As the case conducted before my passport application and more than 10 years CAN I TAKE RISK OF FILLING AS NEVER ARREST IN MY LIFE 4) What maximum will happen if I fill never arrested but in police verification they find my previous case?