Right of Mother(her heirs also) on immovable properties deceased son.

A person have some immovable properties including a residential building. He died intestate in the year of 1995 instate left behind his mother, son and wife as legal heir and two adult brothers. After his death, the properties were still in his name and mutation was not been done in the name his legal heirs. Mean while his mother died in the year of 1996. From then his son and wife residing in his residence peacefully and his brothers with their family residing separately at their own residence. In the year of 1999 the said residential building of that person was mutated in the name of his wife and son. This is pertinent to mention here that, no claim(verbal and written) has been raised over the immovable properties including the residential building by his brothers after death of his mother. This is to mention here that, one of his brothers died in the year of 2000. Now, in the year of 2023 the son of his died brother claiming the right over the immovable properties including the residential building. 1. Is this claim is legal? 2. If so, then what is the limitation period for raising such claim? 3. Is there any provision in law to defend such claim?