Muslim Boy does secnd marriage wid Hindu Girl w/o wife's consent

Dear Sir, I wish your advice for a case which I would brief below, to give an Idea of the entire scenario. And also as to what shall be the possible ruling of the court regarding it !!! Three people involved in this case A Muslim Boy (Say A) - Husband of B A Muslim Girl (Say B) - Wife of A A Hindu Girl (Say C) - Second Wife 1) There was marriage held between 'A' and 'B' as per Muslim sheriat, 'B' suffers domestic violence committed by 'A' during her marriage tenure of 7 years. 2) In due course of his first marriage 'A' falls in love with another girl 'C' who is Hindu, despite of her rejection earlier he somehow convinces her by emotionally black mailing her for the marriage and they both get married against the will of 'C's' parents and 'B' consent. The major challenge is that 'C' does not want to leave 'A', and 'C's ' age is 29 years hence she has all the rights as a major. Observations of this case: 1) 'A' seems to have filed fake (Not True copied) papers of his second marriage with 'C' @ the police station nearby. 2) 'A' doesn't seem to have changed either his religion to Hindu or C's religion to Muslim 3) This marriage doesn't seem to have been done under Special Marriage Act. 4) 'A' has not divorced with 'B' , neither filed any petition for divorce in the court. 5) 'B' has filed a case in the court for her maintenance .. towards which the 'A' does send her money as per court's order already. Questions: 1) What steps can be taken to Null and void such kind of second marriage in the court? 2) Since A is a Muslim does he hold any right to commit second marriage without 'B's ' consent for another marriage with 'C'? 3) What rights does C's parents posses to a fight a case in the court ? 4) What marriage laws have he broken and which sections are applicable to get him sentenced for such a breach of marriage law? I will be glad to hear from on you on this.. Thanks