Closed 420 ,and 419 case can be quashed?

A case of 420 and 419 is filed on me and is settled before lok adalat. While i check in ecourt website it show the below matter i.e Both parties are present joint memo filed to refer the matter to Lok Adalat and the same is allowed. Accordingly, the case is referred to Lok Adalat. Both parties are present. On intervention of Lok Adalat members, they have agreed for compromise and settled the matter amicably. Accordingly, the accused is acquitted under section 320(8) Cr.PC. For the offence u/s.419, 420 of IPC. Bail bonds of the accused are cancelled and they are set at liberty. The unmarked case property shall be returned to the de facto complainant/owner of the property immediately after disposal of the main case, as the case may be destroyed. : SETTLED BEFORE LOK ADALAT Nature of Disposal : uncontested settled before lokadalat I belive that the case is closed . Is there any problem in future that i am planning to do job in mnc company . Is there any problem in back ground verification of mnc and passport and visa . Can i put a quash petition on this is it eligible