Corpus Fund

Respected Layers, Ours welfare Association is Registered Under registrar of societies consist of 80 Flats. During 2014 for some period of yrs.the Building Maintenance was managed by the builder himself and on sale of all flats, the builder suggested to form a society under register the association to handed over to the Regd. Assn. This was completed and the builder handed over to the assn., but not the corpus Fund. Also came to understand around 20% of last leg sale regn. was made without collecting the Corpus Fund. With a great legal struggle the assn. recovered the corpus Fund from the builder only the amount collected from the buyers. Now the unpaid corpus fund owners are in hesitation to pay their corpus fund even after several reminders. Please suggest is there any legal procedures to collect from unpaid corpus fund members as well as from the Resale buyers who purchased after owners ass. taken over charge from such unpaid corpus fund 1st. owners. With Kind Regards K Chandrasekar