Regarding notice period

Hi everyone I just need answer for a lease related thing that is the notice period is calculate after the lease agreement end date or the last months of the agreement For example I have a lease agreement of 3 years (14 of april 2021 to 13 of april 2024) so in this scenario when is the notice period starting after 13 april or or before 13 april for 3 months( plzz do answer this) Because our owner just changed and it change on the month of Feb so they made the new agreement starting from the day they got the house so now it is just one year 2 months left for the laps of the agreement so now they write as from 14 Feb 2023 to 13 Feb 2024 and saying that the notice period is after end of lease agreement so are we not lossing out on 2 months and do we need to pay anything during the notice period of the agreement is over as my knowledge after laps of agreement you have to pay the rent so are they trying to cash out of us Basically my question is that is the notice period applicable while the lease agreement is there or after the end of lease agreement and do we have to pay for that notice period time staying Thank you Plzzzzz help as soon as possible