Receive back advance paid for property

I booked a resale property by paying Rs.50000 as a token advance in Nov 22 and agreed for a price of 84L. Owner hadn't got his Katha transfer for the Property after acquiring the property on Aug 2020. While he applied for Katha, he asked me to pay another Rs.76000 so that it will be 1.5% advance of the sale value. The owner has a loan in SBI. While i waited for the Katha to get transferred, I got my loan approved in sbi itself to have a smooth transfer on the condition that loan to be disbursed only after receiving Katha and tax paid receipt. On 6th Feb, owner got his Katha and tax paid, based on which I confirmed to sbi that loan can be disbursed. Now owner is insisting to pay maintenance fee from Jan to Mar 2023 and tax payment for 2023 (for which he don't have a break up of tax for 2023) and won't pay any bills for the Property w.e.f Jan 2023. When I requested a break up for tax payment for 2023 and maintenance fee to pay proportionally (from the date of registration), owner is saying he don't want to sell the property to me and won't return the intital 50k. I paid Rs.126000 to owner, Rs.10000 towards bank loan, Rs.25 000 towards interior design and confirmed bank for loan disbursement. Kindly advise what should I do since owner is denying to sell the property. I have the agreement to sale, all transfer I paid to owner and other documents of the property, also the house key. Please advise. Regards, Anoop