Apartment maintenance cost calculation

Hi , this is Nandha and i am in an apartment which has different blocks in Bangalore.( Suncity Gloria Apartmet ) My question is regarding the maintenance cost calculation , here in my apartment everything is calculated based on per sq feet , below are the details of what are all calculated on PSFT 1. Water consumption, 2.electricity consumption, 3. FMS vendor , DG fuel and maintenance , 4.Garbage Contractor for removal and disposal , 5.Infrastructure (- plumbing, swimming pool chemicals, electrical, repairs, servicing, housekeeping ) , 6.Miscellaneous - housekeeping consumables, 6.Sinking Fund - rooftop waterproofing, STP capacity improvement, Staircase repair etc And lift/elevator are calculated block-wise ( because my block has 2 lifts, and smaller size apartment blocks have 1 lift , so to have less expense there they have done this ) I stay in a bigger size apartment , so the maintenance cost are very high and when asked association members they said we follow as per Karnataka apartment Act 1972 , but in that I haven't seen everything is PSFT in that ACT. Water and electricity are consumption based but charged PSFT STP water is consumption based but charged PSFT DG we have block wise but still it is charged PSFT Security , we don’t have blockwide security only at entrance and exit security are deployed , but chared PSFT wise instead of common Swimming pool is common to all , but charged PSFT Sinking fund should be common to all size flats , but charged PSFT So wanted to know what the law says and how it has to be calculated , so that all get mutually benefitted. Kindly advise on this , thanks.