Mental domestic violence with property claim

Our house property in banglore was purchased by my father in law by selling his father's old house from native. Then after my father in law passed, this house was Re-builded new duplex house with 2 floors above by my husband with loans applied with all family members sighing in for loan approval. Now they all are claiming it's their property they're the owner of this house. Now me and my husband are facing mentally domestic violence by my mother in law & sister in law. Earlier we were living as joint family, but after 2 years of continues issues at house we moved to first floor 2 bhk house, even after shifting upstairs they were troubling. Due to too much of mental stress, my husband got brain stroke still suffering since last 3-4 months... Even in this situation they are disturbing as a lot... So we decided to move away frm them in a different area looking for a rental property... Then we have planned to rent out our 1 st floor 2 bhk house... But now my MIL & SIL are still creating problem for the tennents coming to live here. Still my husband is only paying the loan. Entire loan is being paid only by my husband. We wanted to know what are the rights they have in this property... We are not creating any problem for them but they are. Nw they are not letting us to live anywhere peacefully. They are planning to disturb the tennents here. We didn't ask them to vacant the house as they too have rights but they are not allowing anyone to live here peacefully... They are not allowing to use the parking area to tenants.