Consequences of fling FIR for a fraud of 17K online payment done in good faith

I willingly paid two amounts of Rs.10K and Rs.7K in good faith by scanning a QR code to an unknown person/account. This person turned out to be a fraud when he demanded additional payment to allow me to withdraw the return that was promised. I refused and I am resigned to the fact that I have been conned and lost 17K. I have raised a dispute with Gpay and also filed a chargeback request with Bank. It is fine if the money comes back to my account eventually, if not I am willing to accept the loss. My bank has asked me to file a FIR. My question is: Is it worth filing a FIR, especially because the identify or whereabouts of the person who got the payment is unknown to me. I am a senior citizen (and I know I have acted foolishly) and am not comfortable approaching police for fear of unnecessary questions and that I may be taken advantage of by police though i am the victim. Can I write to my bank that since I do not wish to escalate the issue, i do not wish to file a FIR and if the money comes back to me that is fine, else I will accept the loss. Request guidance.