Please help me what to do

Respected sir, Cyber Crime PS - KOLKATA (WEST BENGAL ) Acknowledgement no - [deleted] I am sathish.c, holder of a Paytm account ([deleted]) and a FI Money bank account ([deleted]). On 9th of January 2023, I got a whatsapp message from an unknown number (+[deleted]), who introduced herself as Deesha, from Unocoin, regarding Part-time jobs, on completing this job order can earn above $1000 to $3000 per month as zero percent investment. Basically she said that the company would be sending the funds to my bank account, but I needed to buy USDT from Binance, and then transfer it to their company crypto wallet account. I will receive a commission of 2% for doing this on behalf of their company. (please refer the whatsapp chat proof i have attached throught this mail) At first, I wasn't aware of this scam. I shared the details of this part-time job with my friends circle. asked suggestions my friends told me like. It looks genuine because of Binance and UNOCOIN. So I provided my account details to them and this unknown girl introduced another person as tutor (Kumar Singh - [deleted]). He will be providing orders. They sent funds from various unknown bank accounts. On the first transaction I received 1530rs on Jan 19th 2023, they guided me how to buy crypto in Binance platform ( and transfer it to their crypto wallet. as long as I did the job so they provided commission. This activity goes well from Jan 19th to Jan 26th for about 7 days. in between i doubted them regarding whether they are genuine or not or else they are misusing me, They manipulated me to do this work . After my paytm account block I doubted them, and I told the paytm account block to (+[deleted]) person, immediately they blocked my whats app number. After that I asked this person's number ([deleted]) he told me that they are going to vacation like that till feb month end they wont give any order like that. I doubted them at this point again I got manipulated by them do to order. at last my fi money account also frozen. Then I contacted paytm care. I don't know for what purpose my account got blocked and I contacted the FI money bank also. Paytm responded to me in mail regarding a security concern account that has been blocked. They said that they had received a fraud report by the police authority from Kolkata. Later I replied to the cyber crime email. I received a call from the respective police authority from +[deleted] on 30/01/2023 & +[deleted] on 30/01/2023. Then only I came to know those two of them are fraud people They misused my bank account and manipulated me to do this work. right now (+[deleted]) she blocked me in whats app and (+[deleted]) this guy is still available on the whats app and he is still active now also. please trace him and do enquiry. like me there are lot of people who have misused/ misguide.