Bank Account freeze unlawfully

I am using Jupiter(neo -bank) which uses federal bank. Federal bank donot respond to me because, they say I should ask only Jupiter. And jupiter blame federal that federal bank block your account after recieving order from NCCRp gujarat. I live in bangalore. Bank claims they did legally, but it took them 3 days to give me complaint numbers. And there is no reason given to bank for freezing account. Banking definitely contain transaction details, But bank didn't provided me. Bank didn't Informed me before or after freezing. I got 2 complaint numbers, and Investigation officer details, I mailed them, but no reply. I contacted them, and they are shocked, because they don't have details about my name, or my bank account. they told me contact bank. there might be some fraud, one Investigation officer told me my bank account number is not in complaint, nor my details. 2nd one still waiting. If bank don't know transaction details, how can they freeze my account, can any fraud complaint if they know account number accidentally and I have to wait for months and spend 1000's in cases and courts?