Molestation & Assault by Govt hospital staff publicly in Salt lake Kolkata

No hospital is ready to do medical examination against assault & molestation done by a mob of 50-70 common ppl, hospital staff of a govt hospital alongwithnthe superintendent directing the staff to snatch a woman's phone and breaking it only because she demanded in writing as to why her child will not get 2nd dose covid vaccine when she has come with an appointment slip for that day to which they denied giving in writing and she started filming them so they say what all they told her on video. But they frustrated her by not responding when the camera was on and ignoring her and asking some common ppl to throw her and her son out of that place. What was her fault in demanding in writing as to why they denied giving her child vaccine and if they showed adamancy what should have the woman done? She left her job for the day and drove all the way to get her child vaccinated with her appointment slip. The superintendent too denied giving in writing and very rudely told her to get out. Why did they get so paranoid when she put on her camera to record their behaviour and she lost her cool too as none of them were ready to respond to her question? They molested her , assaulted her, snatched her belongings, her phone, broke it , threw away her slippers and blocked her way and started beating her child and her for what???? She has videos of her screaming for literally trying to tear her clothes and throttling her son for not going from there and putting pressure on them for the vaccine. What was her fault? Why did the mob behave like hooligans and onlookers were common public, hospital staff, police, superintendent and they were the ones to instigate everyone to torture the child & mother? Is there any law who can help this woman to lodge a complaint against this govt hospital in Kolkata? Is there any lawyer who can show courage to take up her case?