Regarding issue in my farm

I have agriculture land in gujarat received Inheritance. Since 10 Year I am not stay to my village. Now other farmers created stree road from my farm.Now i have told to don't use that road it in my farm. Neighbor farmers and other village persons told me you can do Land measurement through goverment and checked whether street road in your farm or not ? So I have applied online Land measurement application. I got response in my favor and provided the certificate received from Gujarat Govt and also there is no street road entry in my farm 7/12. Now they all the peoples go to Malatdar. In Malatdar i have given all the relavent douments and clear to Mamlatdar Court that ther is no road available in farm and there is no records registered in Gujarat Govt. Now the Malatdar ordered to open the road based on Revenue Talati report. My question that the portation of road deduct from actual my agriculture land . Please Sir, help me how can i fight with then get my actual agriculture land as per 7/12.