I have purchased a 2 acre land, knowing as agriculture land, during purchase at local tehsil office records it showed as Agricultural land in records. After two years I received notice that the land is Industrial land so pay the Lease amount. After going deeper into govt. records I found that Agriculture land was converted 20 years back into Industrial land and it was not updated at Local Tehsil office. After conversation into Industrial land the property was being sold to 3 people and I was 4th person to BUY. As of Now there is no industry in that place, its is used only for Agriculture purpose only. We have appealed and filed a request letter at Collector office to reverse this Land into agriculture, the request was accepted the file moved from local garam Panchayat to Tehsil to DRI to collector. But the collector and DRI and not converting land status. What should I do and How do I proceed further. Infact the Industry allotment 20 years back was not legally correct. As there is public in nearby land and village according to Industry land act, near Aabadi area factories and industry can't be setup.