Mobile theft - Complaint got summon on whatsapp, unable to visit

Hello, My phone was stolen in 2016 in Delhi. I launched an FIR for the same. In 2017, I left Delhi and moved to Karnataka. In late 2018 or 2019, I received a call from the police station that I am required to appear in court. I was supposed to be outside the country at the date and anyways had moved from Delhi and explained that I am not able to appear. I later took Canadian permanent residency, and stayed in India for sometime, finally moving next in March 23. I again got a call from PS that a summon is issued for me to appear in court, but on that date, I will be out of India for work. I have only received whatsapp messages. This new summon is also sent on whatsapp. The caller said in that case I can write it and whatsapp but wasn't sure if it'll be accepted. Can I make an Affidavit from another state in India and courier it to Police Station? Can I give a letter of authorization or a friend, relative in Delhi to appear and ask to close the matter? What would be the next action if I fail to appear and if I would have moved permanently out of India.