Divorce filed in USA will valid in India?

Hello sir, I am married to a person working in USA who is Indian citizen in year 2010 and marriage got registered in India I have lived with him for 3 and half years is USA and I have gone through many tortuous and beatings with this repeated fighting I had sleepless nights . My husband left me in India in November 2013 and travelled back to USA without informing me. After coming to India I realised that I am pregnant and I delivered baby boy here. In USA my passport was in hubby's custody and even educational documents so now I realised that my passport got expired and he is not takin me to USA and not asking anbout child wellbeing.from 2 years me and my son staying at my parents home. Husband and In laws not calling at least for us iinstead forcing us for divorce he is not sending money for our living don't know his present address in USA and where he is living? Presents passport is with me. My lawyer said me to file 498a, write a letter to embassy about his whereabouts, and infirm department of homeland security(DHS)and mail the FIR case number on embassy and to his office so that his green card would be stopped for all his criminal acts and I have all the voice evidence, photo profs of manhandling, doctor reports which of beatings etc to prove his criminality I will be very grateful if you answer my questions 1) will my husband come India if I file 498a on him in India?and what if he don't come? 2) if I write letter to embassy, DHS and to his office about his criminalitywill they put hold on his green card? 3)if my husband files divorce in USA what step should I take as my passport got expired and will USA divorce be valid in India? 4) can I fight with the help of Indian immigration lawyers in India against him in USA if he files divorce in USA without going to USA?