Major boy age 25 and minor girl age 17 years 11 months 28 days eloped

Major boy age 25 and minor girl age 17 years 11 months 28 days eloped. Got married when girl turned 18 as per both their wish. Mena while Girl's parents filed case on boy and his parents. Immediately after getting married both boy and girl contacted Superintendent of Police for protection. Later boy and girl moved to police station where complaint given on boy. Since girls parents are forcing to marry other person in their relation girl escaped from her house on fear and approached boy for help. Both eloped after girl thought no security in her house. This is actual thing happened before. After rushing to police station boy taken into custody had girl sent to Sakhi Center in our state where counseling will be given. Girls parents forcefully taken that girl from counselling center to their home. Now what action will be taken on boy? As both married as mjaors but at the time of eloped she was minor. Eloped on force of girl. May video statement or written statement of the girl valid? Parents produces girl to the police station or directly to the court ? What happens if girls against the boy in the court? Please suggest what have to do the boys parents?