Problem from Wife and Thier Family

Hi I am a resident of Chennai and having issues with my wife and she is claiming that she will file a case against me and my family. She has been complaining about me and my family to everyone and everything she is saying is not at all correct. I'm the only kid to my parents and I cannot leave them due to their health issues. She left my house almost 2 month back and she never came back till today. She and their family says that I have to go and apologies the whole family (her mother, father and her 2 sisters). I requested for a MCD but she is not willing to do that. She says she wont leave me though she does not like me. At this stage, I'm not interested to carry forward the relationship with her but she is not ready for breaking the relation. She openly says that she does not like me and my family but still she will not leave me. She also says that she wont leave me because she wants to take revenge on me and my family. I'm totally into depression and unable to think of anything. Please advise what I can do.