My husband & his family hide about his previous marriages from us while getting married

1. I and my family have been lied and cheated by my husband & his family. They have not revealed and ensured to hide about his previous legal and illegal marriages from us for several months, until i found out one day. They kept denying until got caught red handed. 2. He is a very unethical IT professional, who earns 1/3rd of me officially. He always borrows money from in lakhs saying he will return soon. but he never returns. I owe him several lakhs now. I can clearly see the pattern where he is using my money to fulfil his life style. 3. He is not guilty. I now don't wish to talk to his family as they cheated and betrayed me as well by hiding such an important information. He takes revenge on me by not treating my parents respectfully too (where my parents are innocent and forgiving) 4. Our lawyer suggested me to give him 1 month when i found him & his family cheating us. While i gave my husband one month to take a second chance, he has fully forgotten about his crime & sins that he did to me. He is throwing attitude, revenge, anger and tantrums on me now that i am making a fuss out of nothing. He claims he just did a small mistake which i should be forgive easily. 5. The family has no idea about GENDER EQUALITY and clearly has tried to misuse my situation by treating me like a slave several times. I am an educated woman who has very high global and national level awards & recognitions. He is a normal guy. Yet they have no respect for me. I am earning in lakhs every month, yet they expect me to cook and do household work irrespective of what i do & achieve (where their son is hopeless. he neither works, nor lets me work) 6. If i work outside work hours any time, he discourages me. I work in one of the top product giant where most indians wont get job easily (including my husband who works in infosys where it is easy to get a job). 7. he has not stopped lying even now. he lies whenever he finds a chance to brag about anything. kindly help. shall i divorce him on criminal grounds? he acts with me good only because i know he is greedy about money and enjoyment through my money as its freely coming to him without any hardwork. 8. he sleeps, eats and careless whole day everyday. he does not work even in infosys. just does time pass. he is not serious about anything in life. no morals. no ethics. no values.