Parking Conundrum in residential society

Cooperative Housing Society Parking Dispute in Mumbai Summary 1.I was allotted a parking spot by the builder at the time of the purchase of the property in 2011. He mentioned one car parking in the agreement and provided an allotment letter and a card with earmarking. 2.Builder gave possession to buyers in 2014. 3.I occupied my flat and started parking my car, and regularly paid for its charges for more than 8 years now. 4.Society was formed in 2019 because the builder became unreachable. 5.There are more flats than there are parking spots, and they are not earmarked yet. Some residents occupied multiple parking spots despite having just one flat. Disputes over parking spot allotment started taking place. 6.On the society committee’s WhatsApp group the secretary clarified that the builder had not earmarked parking spots. The builder did not provide a full parking layout plan and might have manipulated them. Hence the owners who were parking for over 8 years were deemed to continue parking at their current spots. 7.Now in 2023 a member who purchased two flats in 2017 is claiming my parking spot. He obtained backdated allotment letter from the builder recently. 8.Society is surprisingly siding with the new buyer and telling me to contact the builder to obtain a similar letter. They are changing their stance and contradicting their statements made on the WhatsApp group. They are neither referring to MOFA laws nor the bylaws to find a solution. They are also reluctant to handle this holistically by asking the builder to share a complete parking layout plan once and for all. Instead, they are indirectly participating in the parking allotment scam. There are already multiple cases against the builder so ideally the committee should have added the parking matter to the case but they are not willing to. 9.I contacted the builder, but he is not cooperating and instead putting the blame on the society committee for failing to take full handover in 2019 which led to uncertainty. 10.Residents are worried that if they drive their cars then someone will capture their designated spot and the committee will not intervene.