Is there any law to support DV for male

Hi I'm married for last 2 years and living in Noida. In the first year of marriage things were not good between us due to well knowing both of ours past relations to each other.Then my wife started a job where her x boyfriend was working. We talked on this and then let her continue as that was only job option she had and she really wanted to be working instead sitting idle at home. This further started as fuel, whenever my mom or sister visited my place she use to fight and scream. She started hitting me badly and I was not able to do anything as she was a lady whenever I told her parents and even showed my pictures on how badly she gave wounds they came back to me how a girl can do this and started on me. The heights were when my mom came to visit me and my wife slaped my mom. I had no alternative but to leave her at our rented apartment and pickup my stuff to a different place. I know she is still in affair with her x as i saw both going around together and when i enquired in her office out irony i heared both of them were given a warning for missbehaving at work and her x troubling my wife. With all this im continously harrased by my wife and her family and both continuously threatening me with a DV case. Can someone please advise what can be done here and I'm worried if they involve my mother as well who lives in different state though.