If a husband do domestic violence against her wife

Please guide me as by friend is suffering badly from her husband. Her husband do harassment & domestic violence to her wife. Some violence listed below. 1. He come with full drunk and forced her to do sex with him 2. If somebody praise or talk with good smile as she is working as school teacher then he slaps. 3. If she give smile to some known person then his husband suspects on her. 4. If by mistake she missed his husband's call then he talk with opposite house bhabhi whether she is at home or roaming outside. 5. She can't talk more time with her father as he asks that why you talk more with your mother / father. 6. If she is not well or having fever then he forcefully do sex with her. He used abused words to her and give slaps. Pl. guide me as what my friend do initially. She need help from your legal expertise person as we are a simple human being. We don't know that how to take initial steps and what are the parameters. Does his husband gets any threatening talk from police department or legal advocates. Thanking you. Nrukpal