Possession and adverse possession on the plot and flat.

1. i nurtured my younger brothers and during my service period i purchased two shops and one plot for residence after retirement in the name of my younger brothers and consturcted shops after selling house and taking loan. 2. now i am 70 years old and when i asked to provide me one shop to open my small business to support my family as i am not getting pension after retirement. my both the brothers have refused to give me shop and residence straightaway. question: how can i take back my property as all investment has been made by me and nothing has been invested by my brothers. i was hoping that my brother shall care me and my wife after retirement but in vain. i have also paid my cpf in clearing the loan after retirement and now no source of income. 2. one plot booked by me and whole payment was made to the builder. now the original owner of land has got registered titled deed in the name of her wife and constructed on the boundry wall for 1 feet despite the fact that the possession was given to me. i have filed the criminal complaint and suit for specific performance. but even after expiry of about one year neither the builder nor the owner of land appeared in the court despite service summons.i presume that land owner has put the lock on my lock intentionally to show his possession also. question no.2: what course of action and under which law i can take the action. i am a retired ex-serviceman and invested my whole hard earned money.