Regarding annulment case

Hello, way back 2005, a girl visited went to our house telling she just want to know more about me, however she stayed for couple of days, we don't have any mutual relationship, out of curiosity i ask her how did she knew abaout me, she said she saw me at the park, coincidence her classmate was happened to be my cousin, she asked my cousin about my whereabouts. When she went home, she asked me to come with her without me knowing that something will happened that will change my entire life, when we reached their house, her families locked the door behind me and blackmailed me that they are going to sue me if I did nit brought my parents with them, to make the story short, I called my parents so I can go home, when my parents arrived her families insisted that I need to marry her in exchange of not suing me, out of fear we just agreed, they are the one who fixed everything, no parents consent, no counselling, I was just 20 years of age way back then, she was just 19, I never ever applied for a marriage license, I just attended on the date of our wedding. we cohabited for 3years and separate our ways after because our relationship did not work. My question is what will be the possible grounds that can apply in may case, we've been separated for almost 14years.