Advice and free leagal aid to do 2 slps wanted

I have applied for free legal aid from Supreme Court Legal Services Committee(SCLSC) for filing 2 SLPs , one General Miscellaneous-Police against all ranks of Karnataka police and home department, home mnister and chief mnister also for derelictions of duties and abetment of theft,etc which was dismissed by a single judge of Karnataka High Court, another against police atrocities and dereliction of duties of all ranks of the infamous Karnataka police along with quashing of an false FIR and Charge sheet against me by them-Art 226 r/w S 482 of Cr.P.C –General Miscellaneous-Residue, which again dismissed a infamous judge of Karnataka High Court. Now political pressure seems to act at Supreme Court legal aid screening committee also it opined that both cases are not fit for SLP. One of reasons I have put forward is my memos and against as many as 15 judges of high court with a strong feeling of mistrust in the high court and possibility of miscarriage of justice to me in this high court. Now I have preferred a Appeal to the Chairman of the Supreme Court Leg.Ser.Com. In case he dismisses my appeal can I challenge orders of both secretary and chairman of SCLSC in Karnataka High Court in WP u/a 226 of CI? Is there any philanthropic advocateat Delhi who can do these 2 SLPs freely for me?