Road accident - challan in court

I was involved in a road accident 3 months ago , other person was on byk with one of his relative and he was crossing the road without seeing the traffic on main highway and he hit my car from left side , and fell down on road and his head hit the road and was unconscious but other person was alright nothing happened to him. I called for ambulance and i took him to hospital and when he wasnt responding to treatment there , i took him to another big hospital on recommendation of doctors.he got his treatment started there. And meanwhile i went to police station and i gave them all the prrofs they wanted of me and did some prelim work and released me but they kept my vehicle at police station. for my vehicle i got bail from court after two days. After 3 days we got the info that the person under treatment has passed. Now i got a call from police station after 3 months that they are going to present challan in court and they are asking me to be present there So my question is is it mandatory to be present there?? And how should i proceed with this case further as i am a working professional. Some details of the case are: Person who passed wasnt wearing helmet at the time of accident He dont have driving licence No document available for vehicle he was driving