Maintenance and welfare act 2007 section 23

Hi my name is Vijay, I live in Bangalore City and i and my family are facing family dispute which is the property was gifted by my grandmother to his 4th son, who took an initiative to construct our home for each one of my grandmother's sons and daughters. In this matter all the rightful heir of my grandmother had agreed to be in favour to build this property. But the person who received the property as gift as registered his name under this property and issued only rental agreement to each one of rightful heirs instead of property division promising the he will divide the property to his siblings once all the running bank loans are cleared. But the worry is now he is standing tall and is under challenge that he will issue notices to everyone to vacate this property including the his mother my grandmother who had gifted this property to him. Now to claim back this property to my grandmother name or to ease this issue amicably what is the process or procedure to win Please advice