Marriage disputes

I married my love after 5yrs of struggle fighter against family to marry him faced lots of problems.roka was done after marriage I came to know he was cheating on me lst 5 yrs with other girls physically n external affairs also..after that I got prgnt husbnd n mother in law harrased me lot mentally n physically to misacrriage my child..they even beat me unnecessary. Harrased me for dowry also .even aftr 1 mnth thy told me to leave the house n to go to ur prnts home..till delivery .even after tht thy used to mentally haraas me ther also by call msg n visiting me ..shouting yelling n after tht also they used to blackmail me ll give dvrce to you during prgncy n after delivery also ..harrased my parents also..blackmailed for dowry ..evn aftr tht thy didn't visit child or me nor even asked abt him .till 9 mnth after tht family decided to solve the disputes .. compromise for the sake of baby after..tht returning same thing thy started with my baby harming him unnecessary..n he belated me lot i was paralysed for 1 mnth..i dnt file case for the sake of baby future..wat to do now..plz help