Forcing us to buy the Software

Hi, someone from Corel India contacts us stating that we are using a fraudulent version of the software and that we need to buy from them the legit one. We are using it for printouts for students and not for design purposes. They said that they have the logs that they will submit and move to court if we don't comply. We are having a small unit of black and white and color xerox, and we got the software from the guy who looks after our maintenance. When we asked that we need to see those compliances and those logs they denied it and asked us to take prompt action to buy within a day or so. Or they shall move to court. Being, a small unit we cannot afford to buy such expensive software. What should be the way out? Because frankly speaking, we couldn't afford both the law service on a large scale as well as the software. Next, there has been no record prior to this on the expiration of the free trial. They told us that, have sent emails but we haven't received any. Thank you, for reading and thank you for your generous legal opinion .