Pagdi property query

I stay in a tenanted property (pagdi system) in mumbai with my parents. The flat is on my grand fathers name and we have been paying rent,water bill and property tax time to time by cheque and have supporting receipts. My grandfather passed away 28 years back and my grand mother around 20 years back during my grandfathers death my father,my fathers brother his wife and my grandmother used to reside at the house. My fathers brother and his wife are ready to give an NOC for transfer. My grandfather has other legal heirs but did not stay at this tenanted house do i need their NOC as well?? PS: This building is under dispute since the landlord passed away and their legal heirs have filed a case in Mumbai High Court and there is an injunction on the property. Q1 Can we approach the current landlord who is managing the affairs for transfer? What charges will i have to bear? What will happen in case redevelopment takes place whose name will it get transferred as per current status. Q2- If all tenants are ready to get this tenanted building converted to ownership what is the procedure??