Contested divorce

Dear all , am a married since April 2010 NRI man . In July 2013my wife then seven months pregnant left to India against my will after requesting for a mutual consent divorce . There was no communication after this . In April 2014 she threatened me and parents through human rights people . Following this she also demanded a mutual consent divorce but only with a big compensation of 20 lakhs . Then I filed for a contested divorce on the grounds of mental harassment . ( Repeated suicide attempts such as hanging , cuting hands, fall off from fourteen th floor and also no of induced abortions ) . Her lawyer replied to our petition denying the above . It also further stated that I beat her barbarically and also that I tried to murder Her many times . Now she plainly refuses to give divorce and goes around doging me till date . I also sincerely doubt her integrity . We don't have any sort of physical or personal communication or relation for the past two and a half yrs . Pls help me to get a peaceful life .