Property usurped by father-in-law

Dear Sir, you just responded to me on my divorce situation in Michigan. Per your understanding, the Michigan court is entitled to award a divorce on 'no-fault' basis? Property dispute: Yes, i have full financial proof of wiring $89000 USD to my father-in-law to his ICICI bank account via about 50 transactions though ''. I have email conversations between me and him where he has shown the full valuation of the apartment, and cites to the property as mine. My FIL was the tenant in that property too and had been depositing 7000INR and 8000INR per month rent in my wife's Andhra Bank a/c in Dharampeth, Nagpur. We can request bank statements. I also have proof of 3 yrs tax filing in USA where my wife and I have filed tax jointly and paid USA taxes for collecting rent on the apartment. I stopped paying taxes eventually thinking that the property is not on my name. My FIL even gave me a will registered in a Nagpur court that stated that the apartment will become mine after his death. Two years ago, my wife removed the will- from my closet and destroyed it. They have changed the will by now. I do not have a copy of the document but maybe, we can request the NGP court. All lawyers have told me that there is no way to get back the property as I have technically "gifted" the property to my FIL.