Regarding jurisdiction of 498A and dowry harassment

I m a govt employee. My husband is a lawyer of High Court Calcutta. My in-laws house is in Medinipur (4 hours away from Kolkata). On ground of convenience of journey to court, my husband since marriage continued to stay in my parental house with me in Kolkata. We went to my in-laws house only on occasions, we never stayed there fully. We got married in 2017 and till date he never cared to make a separate settlement for us instead of staying in my parental house as "gharjamai". My parental house has just one room and hence no sexual relationship happened between us since then. So we don't have any child. I told him several times to atleast try to shift in a rented house, but he remained unbothered. Along this whole time he kept on claiming money from me for his needs and I got heaped up in loans. The money I gave him,I have cheque no. And online transaction records. He also mentally tortured me and tried to manipulate my mind towards my father of which I have call mother supports him as she believes divorce will hamper her social prestige. Of all his abuses I have voice recording. He tortured me and my father, my father got injury and was admitted I govt hospital of which I have injury report. We complained in police through court but police remained inactive due to his influence. Due to his harassment I left my own home in Feb 2022 and took a rent in kolkata .he is still staying in my parental house. I filed a divorce case against him in Feb 2022. Under his influence the lawyer misguided me that my evidences are not enough to file a 498A and dowry harassment ,so i didnt file those. 7 hearings occured but he didn't appeared. Court gave me ex parte but on the ex parte hearing day he suddenly appeared and gave petition to vacate the order on the basis of "non receipt of summon" and "forged signature on acknowledgement receipt". Court didn't investigated into it and in his influence my lawyer also didn't argue infront if the ADJ and my ex parte was set aside. He did this willingly because he knew what the law is. I personally told him about the ongoing case of which electronic proof I have. Still he purposefully didn't appeared and wasted my entire year. Court gave written statement date on 3rd April 2023. Now I am on the verge of getting transferred in a separate state due to my promotion. And he knows this. He purposefully did this contesting just to kill my time and harass me. Now I want to file 498A and dowry from a separate state with all my evidences and want to transfer my divorce case in that state. Is it possible to do so..??