Maintenance query

My wife and myself both are working professional in Govt. of India. Wife is Class I officer. We have done marriage 8 years ago and four years we lived together, while since last four years we are separated... With this marriage, we have a daughter, who is living with my wife since last three years. I got her admitted in convent school of my native metro, but after one year of separation, my wife accompanied her on pretext of holidays. Since then first she shifted to another metro and now admitted our kid to an International School. Now, after living separately since year 2010, she has filed a case of maintenance for herself as well as for the child in year 2013, Every lawyer is saying she will not get maintenance for herself as she is earning equally to me, but same time no body has any advise that the school fees is out of my budget and this way she is merely deriving harassing strategy towards me.... Please advise how to convince Judge sahab for considering my plea that kid should be either placed in my budget school or else i should be asked to pay the half of the fees as per my budget school.... Please advise