Apartment Purchase in Bangalore

I booked an apartment in Sep 2014 in Bangalore. Foundations had been just completed and columns casting was starting then, The construction has been very fast. 90% stage wise payments have already been done. This month I got communication that it is ready for registration because Occupancy Certificate is already received. They have mailed me a soft copy of the same. It appears OK but I dont know how much genuine it is. Also the certificate lists a few conditions subject to which it is issued. Two conditions causing concern are: 1. Safety measures in stilt car park area will be at risk and cost of owner and BBMP will not be responsible for any danage. 2. Structural Safety of building will be at risk and cost of owner/architect/engineer/structural engineer and BBMP will not be responsible for structural safety. To my knowledge, water connection by BWSSB and power connection by BESCOMM are yet to be given. STP system and UG water tank construction is still in progress. Construction of flats, internal external plastering, flooring, tiling, plumbing & electrical wiring works are 95% over. Lifts are yet to be erected because shafts work is in progress and I dont understand how Occupancy Certificate is issued by BBMP in this situation. Pl advise me 1. Can I believe the OC; if not how do I verify its genuinity? 2. Should I bother about the conditions of OC mentioned above for any future impact? 3. whether it is safe to go ahead with registration as such. 4. if not, what legal precautions I should take before proceeding furthur?