Sanitation Right to Human

Hi Sir, Good Morning! There is a property dispute running between my husband and his brother since so many years. Our house is built in 1964 and now we are running through some severe sanitary problems. Now we are senior citizens and we don't have access to proper bathrooms(buit in 1964) and sewerage system. My husband's brother is enjoying all the facilities. Last time when we tried to construct the bathroom my husband's brother has broken the platfrom into bits and pecies.His son-in-law has almost threatened to death. These are very old bathrooms and we have to walk 300m to reach this scrambled bathrooms. This 300m is covered with bushes. Recently we have noticed Snake hole and the skin. Apart from the above the road levels are increased and people walking on the road can easily visualise what we are doing. Exactly opposite to our bathroom there are 10 shops lined up in a row. Even they give sarcastic smiles and keep on observing us when we walk on our way. Its really ironical to think about.Even though we are also humans we dont have basic necessity and dignity of toilet. We have 3 ladies at home and very much worried about thier Security. Recently one stranger has defacated thrice in our bathroom when we went out. The above situation are really vulnerable and I am highly disturbed mentally. I think Sanitation is every individual right. I would be highly thankful if you can provide me a solution which can provide immediate solution for constructing the bathroom. Highly thankful for yor help and suggestions.