Good evening I would like to know if I can file a defamation case against some residents in my apartment. My son climbed on the snooker table while playing and it was captured in cctv. He was very well aware that cctv was there and he climbed because a hook stick was not available and he had to access it. I am not supporting his act here. The association took the cctv footage, masked my son's face and posted several images in the association whatsapp group. They never got in touch with us or asked us for any clarification, despite the fact when they play snooker they have to enter the name in the register and all the details are available to them. Instead they chose to post the picture in the group and shame us. Once I saw the picture I got im touch with them, apologised and expressed our willingness to pay for any damage caused.they didn't respond to my message. My son does not drink, but one person even commented that he must be drunk. I understand he has made a mistake,but since the association didn't have the courtesy to inform us and chose to post in the group and doscuss and shame can I file a defamation case ?