How to break stay order on construction of incomplete building

We are having a plot of land in bikaner in joint name of my grand father and his cousin ie duli chand and budhmal respectively.It was purchased by their parents when both were 10 yrs old in year 1945 and the land was transferred to their names jointly that speaks the certificate of land issued by king of bikaner that time.Both divided the land among themselves in equal halves in 1954 verbally.budhmal established his house in half and we established house in some part of remaining land.The land is in our premises since 1954.recently in 2012 we constructed a shop in remaining part of our land that is incomplete.The real brothers of my grand father ie prithiraj have made a illegal document that speaks that duli chand has gifted half of his land to him and filed a case in court.the court has issued stay order on this construction in 2012 and again order the same in 9-10-15.what can we do now to break it. the land is in name of my gr.father we have patta(documents) the illegal document is not registered and do not have signature of prithviraj and duli chand signature are false the advocate of prithviraj has become chairman ofmunicipal board bikaner and he is also using his powers illegally can we break stay orders from high court and how