Drunken neighbours misbehave.

Hi , I had an argument with my neighbor yesterday night. I was just standing in home at ground floor suddenly my drunken neighbor called me by gesture I ignored him because he was badly drunk and he went inside of his house as he got ignored then after 2 minutes he came outside of his house and came near to me and he stood in front of me closely and I started talking to me I was ignoring him but he didn't stop then afterall I asked him to go to home as I need to sleep then he started shouting on me badly then I called my father to make him understand but he shouted on my father too. Then I got angry and asked his wife to take him inside of your house. She tried but he didn't go and he started to abuse then I abused him everbody stopped me but nobody was able to stop him. He was threatening to me that he will kill me by a group of people. He was challenging me again and again this incident happend with me twice. He stops me whenever I go somewhere and starts to tell me about his power and tries to threaten me. He fights with his wife most of the time with very bad abuse words with too much loud noise that affects many neighbors including me I have one video of him as an evidence. He is entering in our privacy and disturbing us almost everyday. It has been difficult to live here now. I want to know what to do in this situation will police take serious action or they will not. I want to send him in prison. I can arrange every evidence clearly please help what to do.