About marriage

Hii i m citizen of usa and i got married in india 30 july 2015 2 month ago. The date i married after 2 days of that date my wife said she love someone. Then i tried to save my marriage and convens her that forget the past and start new life. Me and her talk to her family and my family i was agree that if she wana leave me she can leave me or if she wana stay with me she can stay with me. Her family and she said she will adgust that will stay with me and she is ok. But we never had physichal and mental relationship. She never let me come close to her. And after 20 days i saw in her phone that she still talking to the other guy msging him and his pic. I gave her 2 chance but she still talking to him. After that i lose trust on her. Then i had 1 day left to come back usa. I come back usa i told her and her family that i dont trust her anymore nd i dont wana stay with her any more. We didnt had court marriage. No any legal documantation of marriage. Only pics and videos. I told them i wana get married with someone. Her family said if i do that i will be in trouble. I m in usa now and she is in singapore. Tell me what i need to do now.